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If you’re in the market for a barrister who understands the legal system like the back of their hand, respects due process and has a passion for justice then you’ve found your match with Adv. Muhammad Younus. Based in New Delhi, we offer a wide range of meticulous services when it comes to researching and developing cases and pleas to high court, as well as ensuring the advocacy of your courtroom. If you’re looking for a quality experienced barrister, you can reach us on +919319451419.

Qualified barristers

We intend to offer proficient, productive, dynamic, and innovative problem-solving at an optimum cost. As such, we have built a team of skilled and aggressive barristers, each specialised in a particular legal area. Our barristers' vast knowledge, productive courtroom skills, and sense of justice have led to the successful resolution of hundreds of complicated cases. With the help of our legal experts, we will handle the details of your lawsuit and pursue the best outcome for you.

Honesty and Integrity

As qualified barristers of the bar it’s vital that we operate and respect the legal system in a way that works in the best interests of our solicitors and their clients. With our services, you can always be guaranteed of a professional service that values honesty, integrity and the respect of justice and due process. Because we believe this should be available to everyone, we strive to deliver these services at a reasonable rate.


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